Where life's transformation can begin simply and powerful effectively.


The true growth of life should be the answers for all questions in your life, peace, true happiness, wisdom, and freedom, which the right freedom is not free to hurt others (that is not true freedom).

Sustainable solutions must start from each particular person in the correct way for each person.

The problem is each person does not


understand that she/he needs to make her/himself understand, so they would heal themselves correctly.

Even more, we do not realize that the responsible for healing is ourselves, but put responsible to doctors, to both mental health and physical health, and most of sickness come from minds. Read more.... for ......why do you need to learn to heal yourself.



Learn through experience of a small ordinary human on fear and faith energy in the world- thought, point of view ways to better future vision to the world.

Get back to get or original support, natural way of development.

What should be main education for mankind? Should it need for re-engineering or transform completely?



About my plan and my new feeds.

I had started this website because, I had this domain name for many years ago, I think so why not use it. I still have it.

I was not sure that this should be the name that I should use for what I would like to offer.

Now I have others domain name, that I have them for different reasons. And I think that I should use http://www.powerofhealingschool.net for the first, and will follow by others website.

The website that I will use for my courses, workshop and other activities should be www.learnselfhealing.net

But by this time I will keep continue write about why it will be like that? For now this website had my courses and workshop and other services I provide still, and other new website is still during construction, but I m sure that the information of article I have in there is give benefit. So I let you know this still during construction websites.

All of this websites are what I learn and built by myself, so it take sometime, since I have other things to do as well.

If you like to follow my articles or information update, please hit like on this page, Find us on facebook

It's my plan to do a lot more in internet but just now, only as far as I can do. Hope it will give you guys in see something different, that challenge you to prove the how powerful in bring you to the higher stage of mind.

With my best wish from my heart,

"As English is not my mother tongue you may have some difficulty understanding what I am trying to convey. Because of the work I do I thought it best to get this information out as quickly as possible but I will continue to develop the site. Please check out the information on the site and share it with your loved ones as I continue to develop the site."

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Let's be free.....Let free your minds.

Why you need to be free?

You may need to know that, we need to free our mind from the frame of thought, of believe, or religions. No matter, what it is materialism, scientism or spiritualism. If it is extremely way, like hermits (in the past) that didn't wear close didn't eat, which is all about not to consume anything material or object. Even though for present age we don't have this extremely idea of living that people follow to not consume anything. But in another hand, it is extreme of believe in science, technology or material, still quite many people realize that is not the answer for true happiness, or to accomplish fully value of life (true destiny of life). But is it still there are many of not effective methods or paths for true learning or true growing of life which that will start from true or real healing (self healing).

And only when you are open to see that what should be true, according to the truth of whole universe, start from small and cover the whole universe's truth, what should be the same tone to your natural frequency, that support you to always process and still be relax and enjoy enough by the way?

That why I m here to offer to help you to learn and work on it directly to the answer that your life need, Read more

If you are really want your life to be healed in all parts, and you are serious of make real development in your life, I m sure that I can help, but if you are not ready to learn or to make change especially from the mind with attachment, to let's your mind free, free to learn and work on new thing that will give you universal love, and true supporting.

It may not the same way to what you had been reading or work on, but if those way work how come things come now this way? The ways of not right yet, still need to be healed or need real solution?

Faith and wisdom is very important, to make it works here, If you have the minds of learning and work on it so you will have a lot to share to help the world or the most people who you feel like that they need, why fear? If you wish to reach the high value so you can serve more people and share more of your love, then just need to trust, here will be something, somehow that lead you to all of the answer that you need.

I will use all of techniques that I had found that that one should work, for different person, should be different way to support. As I learnt variety types for self development, could be mixed from psychology methods to spiritual development methods.

Even I still on my way but, for the advance I then connect you to my master that can absolutely help you if you put your fully attention to work on it. So that why I will talk about the way my master help to make me stronger and be the one to can really help. And will used all of experiences to support you guys,

If you don't take the medicine in full dose how can you just that it doesn't work? To read information in the site may help you to understand that why our guide for you to work is help? It comes from experience of enough people that prove that it works.

And it is not in the idea of separation from each of us or by religions, but it aim to take us to be one, just first connect to your true self and then true universe self that we can be together happily, in one universal mind, that full of light and wisdom. So it will be just one truth, all of each individual problem that we learn and go through just a model for us to learn, like case study.

As we all are in the same rule or the same truth, that why my example that I mention here, will be able to help you to understand. Why it is going to work right and powerfully.


Preparing for a better spiritual tour.

As we see that all things in the world keep working, it support or relate to each others naturally. But when any parts, any function or process get stuck somehow, then it needs to be fixed or to be healed or it needs solution. And now all system in the worlds is in crisis, which of course it starts from small part and then grows bigger to the world to the whole universe.

That why it is the time of healing but why you need to learn to heal? Why not leave this responsible to doctors or specialist?

Who would need to responsible to your life and to your world?
If you are certain that it is yourself then, just follows me to the site.

If you are ready it will be someone like me (or more people) who will facilitate you to have your life's transformation. But just beware that the one who fully make the action is you and all others will just can facilitate, I guess I find my verity facilitators and understand enough how and when things work with human minds.

From the above story (that you click to continue) and more in the site, so it should be my time to start to be an effective facilitator or counselor, only when you try then you know!!

missing the point or miss your path to true essence of being you, your true core of life,

To read follow the left menu order will be easier to understand I guess.


The no limit form or spiritual tour, what ever style of trip as long as it is save and allow your heart blossom.



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